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Long distance moves are those that exceed 100 miles, and may be within the state or crossing state lines. Top Rate Moving has your best interest in mind, so with your long distance move you can be assured you are working with professionals who know how to make your long distance move stress free. We help you plan, pack and execute your long distance move from start to finish. We stand for quality and commitment; and our commitment to you is to move your valuables and personal items with care and make sure they arrive at your destination in the condition they left in. Our moving consultants are with you every step of the way. We offer competitive rates, and clear and precise terms and conditions so that it will not surprise you later on.


Proper planning makes all the difference in how your long distance move is accomplished. It is vital that you reserve your date well in advance so that you are able to move on the day that is best for you. Our planners will also make sure that you are provided with vehicles and crew the right size to accommodate all your belongings. Top Rate Moving will make every effort to ensure that your long distance move is a smooth and comfortable transition, contact us today to get started.


Our customer service is almost like a separate service in itself. The representatives are your first line of communication and will be guiding you through much of the process. While speaking with them you will learn the finer details of your move and be much wiser to the entire moving process. With them you can make your decisions on your move date, if you will require packing, and any other specifics that our moving professionals should need to know.


It is during this contact with our representatives that you can determine if you will need storage. We have storage facilities across the entire nation, all of which are indoors, well maintained, and monitored each and every day. Your items are safe under our care while you prepare for delivery.


We have the know-how and equipment to handle your commercial move professionally and with minimal disruption to your business. We realize that every organization is different and knowing the right questions to ask makes all the difference in planning and executing your move.

We will give you a competitive bid for your corporate relocation; we work closely with your Move Coordinator to help you plan your business move from start to finish. We set up meetings to gather all the information and answer all your questions and concerns. We get familiar with both your current and new facility, and set up the timeline and plan for the move.

We determine with you how much packing, if any, you would like your employees to do and how much will be handled by our professionals. We can provide all the specialized boxes and packing materials you need. We help you stay organized with labels and coding methods so that all boxes, office furniture and fixtures will be safely transported to the new facility and placed in the correct spot. We can even meet with your employees to show them the proper packing methods!